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Escalada en hielo

Escalada en hielo en la Patagonia

Ice climbing is a sport that requires good knowledge of the environment and the element as well as climbing techniques and safety. In North Patagonia ice climbing can be done in all seasons. In winter you can take advantage of the icefalls, and in summer, of the crevasses of glaciers, both of easy access. We provide guided walks, or courses that range from beginner-level to technical improvement and assurance in ice.

Within the most accesible options, you can find:

Escalada sobre hielo en cascadas congeladas:

  • Cerro -Cascadas D ‘Agostini (Bariloche)
    Cascadas de Chall Huaco (Bariloche)
  • C┬║ Piltriquitron Cascadas (Bolson)
  • Cascadas de Chapelco (San Mart├şn de Los Andes)
  • Cascadas de Meliquina (San Mart├şn de Los Andes)
  • <strong>Ice Climbing in the creavesses of glaciers:</strong>
    <li>Ventisquero Negro (Bariloche)</li>
    <li>Glaciar Casta├▒o Overa( Bariloche)</li>

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